How to install PhpStorm by JetBrains IDE on Ubuntu Linux

Install the JetBrains Toolbox App to get all the IDEs easily from

Install steps

  1. Download tar.gz
  2. Extract to /opt (adjust filename)
    sudo tar -xzf jetbrains-toolbox-1.17.7391.tar.gz -C /opt
  3. Move to the binary’s directory (adjust path)
    cd /opt/jetbrains-toolbox-
  4. Execute the jetbrains-toolbox binary (adjust path)

Fix “dlopen(): error loading” and “AppImages require FUSE to run” error

steve:/opt/jetbrains-toolbox- $ ./jetbrains-toolbox 
dlopen(): error loading

AppImages require FUSE to run. 
You might still be able to extract the contents of this AppImage 
if you run it with the --appimage-extract option. 
for more information

Install libfuse2 to add the missing dependency.

sudo apt install libfuse2

Using the --appimage-extract option did not fix the issue.

When I tried it there was output, but the problem persisted.

sudo ./jetbrains-toolbox --appimage-extract